If we are to design a new educational system and standards, we're going to need a theoretical basis to do it.

What theories do you think we need for building the future of education?


History maybe gone.
However, it's still important.

Before we can change how education works, we need to understand why it is the way it is.
How do you think education became the way it is now?
What factors do you feel shaped the educational system in the world today?

Learning Theories

To build the future of education we need to understand how people learn and what methodology is work best for Learning.
How do you learn best and worst?
Why do you think you learn better one way over another?

Futures Theories

We need a way to look at the future if we are going to study it. We need tools and methodologies so that we know what to do.
How would you go about studying the future?
What tools and methodologies would you use?

Theoretical Background

Lets take a look at some of the theories we need to study the future of education.
Historical Perspectives
Learn how history has influenced the education systems we have today.
Learning Theory
Let's take a look at research from the field of education to better understand what is needed.
Futures Studies
We're going to need some tools to study the future. Let's look at what those tools are.