Big Data on Freedom Education

Big data and analytics can be a lot of fun, but you have to know what you're looking for and why you're looking for it. I'm a futurist and I started a project called the Freedom Education Movement to study the future of education. This project in its nature is a big data project.

The entire platform which I'm currently working on building is set up to collect data on what people think about the future of education. There are many discussion boards prompting the users to answer different questions about the future of education. There will also be classes to teach people futures techniques to help them think in new ways about the future of education.

As I collect data, I will be analyzing it at 3 different levels.

  • Macro
  • Meso
  • Micro

The purpose of this is to create potential features and possibly some outrageous ones as well.


Macro-level is the systems level.

Here I want to look at how we break up different types of learning. Currently, subject areas are based upon how you would find books in a library. However, I do not feel this is the best way of how to break up the learning experience.

This will involve a fair amount of information architecture. Questions that might be asked at the macro level are..

  • How could educational experiences be broken up based on the area of life in which it is being applied for the learner?
  • What would be the implementation educational experiences that were labeled For the consciousness level of the person within that subject area?

At the meso-level, will be looking at rules and regulations. the information collected from all the participants will be analyzed in order to Determine which category different classes would fall under.

The idea here would be to create some type of flow chart or decision tree that would allow content creators to follow in order to understand which type of students their class or educational program is for.


On the micro-level, we will be using personas. Personas are fictional Representations of people design to highlight certain attributes of different groups of people. Participants in the project are going to be encouraged to create personas that represent people they work with or themselves and put them into different scenarios that are created to see how Well the ideas generated work for different types of individuals.

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