The Role of Creativity and Technology in Education

In the current education, the role of creativity is just not included. Education is currently about learning stuff with no concern about whether it is useful for the person learning. Education is currently not designed for the student's needs. It is intended to Indoctrinate the learners into a specific mode of thinking in order to control and manipulate the direction in which society moves. Under this paradigm, creativity really has no place in schools.

I say this because creativity is the pure essence of free thought and freedom itself. Government agencies run schools and education. They have their agendas in methods of thinking that they want their country indoctrinated in.

We are in a current state where we believe what we are told because that is the behavior taught in schools. We are prepared to blindly believe what the textbooks say to believe the school board's teaching models. We are not taught to analyze those models to see where they apply and where they do not or are even good; we are just taught to blindly follow.

Instructional technologies are the tools that we use to pass on knowledge and skills from person to person. They're not a silver bullet that will fix the problem of creativity in the schools. Instructional technologies do not change our ideologies about what we teach; they only change the mode in which we transfer knowledge and skills.

Changes in instructional technologies can either increase the amount of creativity a learner develops or smash it out of them. It depends on the way in which the instruction is designed.

"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn." -- Alvin Toffler

The most critical question that we can ask in creating classes is, does this help them be flexible and open in their thinking, or does it teach them to be rigorous in thinking?

If we want to help learners become more creative, we must not merely focus on the methods we teach but also on the ideologies behind choosing the methods we teach. We must change our thinking to value creativity in new choices and exploring information and knowledge. Rather than indoctrination into a mode of thinking and being.

Katie The Cook
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