Futurist Roger James Hamilton discuss his plan for fixing the future of education

Futurist Roger James Hamilton is working on influencing the future of education.  Watch the video to see how. 

Big Data on Freedom Education

Big data and analytics can be a lot of fun, but you have to know what you're looking for and why you're looking for it. I'm a futurist and I started a project called the Freedom Education Movement to study the future of education. This project in its nature is a big data project. The entire platform which I'm currently working on building is set up...

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Now You Know YouTube video talking about changing educational needs

When studying the future you need to look at what other people are saying about it in many different industries. Today we're looking at Zac and Jesse from now you know. They have a YouTube channel that tracks what is going on in the electric car industry. Well, they recently put out a video that looks at what changes they expect to see in the ...

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The Role of Creativity and Technology in Education

In the current education, the role of creativity is just not included. Education is currently about learning stuff with no concern about whether it is useful for the person learning. Education is currently not designed for the student's needs. It is intended to Indoctrinate the learners into a specific mode of thinking in order to control and manip...

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Katie The Cook

Katie has just turned 13; the age that learners are encouraged to start picking a career path. Katie loves cooking and wants to become a cook at a restaurant and then its chef one day. Katie and her parents are talking to her life coach about her career plans. They begin to work out a plan that will put Katie on track for getting a good job. The Fr...

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Trend Scanning, Scouting, and Foresight Techniques

 Check out this papes on corporate foresight.  It talks about foresight techniques uses for scanning. Trend Scanning, Scouting, and Foresight TechniquesRohrbeck, R.In: Front End of Innovation: Managing the Unmanageable Fuzzy Side, Oliver Gassmann, Fiona Schweitzer (Editors)