Message from the founder...

Message from the founder...

Hi Everyone,

I am Nicole Trapp the founder of The Freedom Education Movement. I would like to take a few minutes to tell you why I started it. I have been working in education all my life and over the past few years, I have been studying the future of education. 

Education is ripe for change.  Schools have not been meeting the needs of students for a long time now and the problems seem to be getting worse.  Talking to teachers, I found they are restricted in the help they can provide their students. Staying on the time schedule is more important than making sure the students learn.  It is a sad state we are in and I am sure the problems go deeper than I can imagine. 

As I study the future of education, I have come across many people working the change the educational system.  They have great ideas and have done great things.  However, they are weak in the power they have to bring the needed change because they are separate.  There are a lot of small groups working on these problems and I believe if we can bring those small groups together we can bring change to the way the world does education.   



Nicole Trapp 

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